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Jay Daignault



Internet Creators Inc. is a web development and marketing firm that focuses on SEM and SEO. The majority of our clients operate in highly competitive industries and therefore we generally work very closely with them and integrate our strategies with their particular company and industry. Our philosophy for search engine marketing is that by tailoring our general strategies specifically to our clients industry and working with them to incorporate into their current business model we are not only creating and immediate positive impact on their search rankings but also teaching them how to continue and build for the future. A successful SEO campaign is more about staying ahead of the competition than reacting to current conditions. If you are constantly reacting to search engines and your competition you will always be a step behind.

Unlike many search engine marketing firms that are very secretive about what they are doing and often provide clients with little more than reports on traffic and rankings, we take quite the opposite approach. Our clients know exactly what we are doing and often times we actually train our clients employees on how to properly implement various techniques and create an open line of communication between everyone involved. Search engine marketing has evolved to a point where it is no longer just about how you code your website and how many links you get to your site, but now almost every aspect of your business, both online and off in some way can effect your rankings. Creating this open forum of communication between us and our clients and between all the departments within our clients companies is critical to a successful marketing plan because there needs to be a working knowledge among everyone involved about if and how doing certain things may affect their rankings. A good analogy would be trying to build a house without a general contractor, and hoping the plumber, electrician, and the carpenter were able to each do their own specific jobs without effecting each others work. Then end result would likely be a disaster or at a minimum result in a lot of reworking and fixing mistakes because no one was there who understood how the work of each individual effects the final result.

Our business method is unique, we don’t don’t hundreds of clients, but rather a select group who, because they believed in our methods, are very successful. 95% of our compensation is results driven, when our clients do well that’s when we do well. By structuring our business in this form we are creating the same goal for both us and our clients, it is in both our best interests to succeed, and that is probably the biggest reason we have been fortunate enough to find great companies to work with and grow together with.

Prior to forming Internet Creators Inc., Jay Daignault was Co-Owner/President and Chief Technology Officer for Luxury Media Group Inc., which publishes Denver Magazine.

Jay and his development team, who have since joined him with Internet Creators, developed Denver Magazine’s entire online platform Before his highly acclaimed launch of Denver Magazine, Jay previously owned and operated another Internet marketing company called Internet Alliance group Inc., which primarily served clients in the real estate industry.

Jay Daignault recently sold his interest in Denver Magazine and now brings his wealth of professional experience in web development to Internet Creators Inc.


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