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Bing.Com – Seriously?

Microsoft recently renamed it’s search engine to You would think by now they could at least settle on a name,

Really? Apparently Microsoft must think the key to a successful search engine is having a silly word as its name since obviously that is why Google, and Yahoo! are more popular.

For the most part I don’t see much change in the search results with the new name. Seems to me they simply changed the name for marketing purposes. The only major difference I have seen to date with some of the sites we provide search engine marketing for is that for some phrases is only showing 5 normal search results, then the page is divided into new sections or categories which seem to somehow be specific to that phrase.

It is too early to determine what effect this will have on optimizing sites for “” but unless Microsoft can somehow cut into Google’s market share of search users does anyone really care?

One thing I will give them is the new commercials on TV are pretty funny:

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