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Internet Creators Launches New Little Caesars Website

Internet Creators is pleased to announce the launch of a new Little Caesars website for one of it’s clients Aces LLC. Aces is one of the largest Little Caesars franchisees in the country which operates 20 locations throughout southwest Virginia. … Continue reading

Former Denver Magazine Creative Team Launches New Graphic Design Center

Internet Creators, Inc. is pleased to announce it has launched a new graphic design center to augment its web development and marketing services. The new graphic design center offers everything from business cards to full magazine layouts. Internet Creators, Inc. … Continue reading

Is It Possible To Build PageRank Without Violating Google’s Quality Guidelines?

This is a follow up post to the my previous post about Google removing “their” definition of PageRank from their technical information page. My last post sort of ended on the subject of whether it is even possible to build … Continue reading

Google Removes PageRank Explanations From Technology Overview Page

Up until recently Google had an explanation of PageRank on their technology overview page located here: I recently noticed they have removed their explanation of how PageRank is calculated using their “vote” concept. I found this interesting and wondered if … Continue reading

Google Data Center: Now Showing Caffeine Results!

Google’s Caffeine update is now underway, they have started showing Caffeine results @ Apparently the new results only show about 50% of the time, but if you keep refreshing you can see the difference in results. To do a … Continue reading

Yahoo + Bing = ?

So it has now officially been reported that Yahoo and Microsoft have struck a deal. Preliminary reports suggest that will power Yahoo’s search results and Yahoo will handle advertising sales. Obviously this causes a lot of uncertainty in the … Continue reading

Bulk Add Missing Files To Subversion

I often need to add a lot new files to my subversion repository, especially when updating many modules in Drupal. When new files exist all over the directory structure, you can’t do a simple svn add. In comes the magic … Continue reading

Bing.Com – Seriously?

Microsoft recently renamed it’s search engine to You would think by now they could at least settle on a name, Really? Apparently Microsoft must think the key to a successful search engine is having a silly … Continue reading

The Power Of A Domain Name

You often see headlines of astounding sums of money paid for domain names without any website or business behind them. Many people argue that in most cases the cost doesn’t justify value. I am guessing that these people don’t know … Continue reading

The Good Old Days – Part 2

If you have not read my previous post, go here first before reading below: Part 1 So, after we had successfully registered our first domain name, we began building our first website. Again, we really had no idea what we … Continue reading