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Former Denver Magazine Creative Team Launches New Graphic Design Center

Internet Creators, Inc. is pleased to announce it has launched a new graphic design center to augment its web development and marketing services. The new graphic design center offers everything from business cards to full magazine layouts.

Internet Creators, Inc. was formed in early 2009 by Jay Daignault, who was previously Co-Owner and President of Luxury Media Group, Inc., which publishes Denver Magazine. Jay turned his talents to develop Internet Creators, which is now becoming a leading force in the web development and marketing industry. The original creative team behind both the print version of Denver Magazine, as well as the Internet website has joined Jay at Internet Creators. Together, this team will recreate and extend what made Denver Magazine an instant success.

“I believe what made Denver Magazine successful so quickly was the combination of its cutting edge design, which set us apart from our competitors, as well as the platform we developed for Together, these factors brought the Colorado magazine industry into the 21st century,” says Daignault. “With that in mind, I decided to offer our skills to other media entities across the country, rather than be limited to one publication. Of course, I was honored when both Diego Mantilla and Jon Duell decided to join me at Internet Creators. Diego devised the graphical concepts and template for Denver Magazine, designed its first three issues, and previously worked for over ten other publications around the country. Jon was the principal developer of We are all very excited about offering our unique skills to any existing publications or new start-ups that are looking for the type of web development and media publishing the world today requires.”

Mantilla offers his own thoughts: “What makes Internet Creators a powerful option for local and national publications is the fact that our team has hands-on experience in developing print and digital magazines from the ground up. We know how the publishing business works and how to maximize results in both types of media. Content is king, and we know the very best ways to present and deliver it.”

In addition to their new design services, Internet Creators offers a full range of website development and marketing services.

According to Duell, “As the Internet continues to expand, it will be critical for magazines and other publications to make sure their web presence is up to par with their print publication. More and more, people are going online to access content, and we believe Internet Creators stands first in its ability to offer website development and marketing services to supplement any print publication.”

Internet Creators, Inc. is based in Denver, Colorado, with additional locations in Aventura, Florida and Portland, Oregon. You can find out more by visiting their website at

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