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The Good Old Days

For my first blog post I thought it would be fun to reminisce a bit about how I got started in the business of Internet Marketing and Development. To do this we must go back to about 1994 when I was just a teenager. My next-door neighbor, one of my best friends (still is), and I were addicted to computers. Games, programming, graphic design, taking them apart, and just about anything else you can think of. Those were the days when Prodigy and AOL were mainstream and the World Wide Web (www) was just starting to take hold.

We were sucked in. Big time. We couldn’t get enough of it. So we thought if these people could do it why couldn’t we create are own online community and become millionaires. The plan was great was, execution was another story. We started by creating a BBS (Bulletin Board System-, which I consider to be primitive websites. It was great fun, we bought a modem, allowed people to dial in and connect to our BBS and do various tasks such as post messages, upload and download programs, and chat with us. Who would have thought!

Our plan went awry when we figured out that we needed a separate modem and phone line for each person we wanted to have connected to our BBS. I think we got as high as 2 before my parents wouldn’t allow any more phone lines since we were already effectively blocking all incoming calls to my house.

Not long after that websites started to spring up and become more popular. So we jumped right on the bandwagon, not knowing at all what we were getting into. We registered our first domain name in 1995 or 1996,

I am happy our design skills have improved
We thought it was a great name, if only we realized that there were thousands of other domains, single words that had yet to be scooped up by people today know as cyber squatters. In retrospect that could have been one of the bigger mistakes I have made, to not have the foresight to see the potential of these names. A minor setback but it still bothers me to this day.

The history of Internet Creators Inc will continue in my next post… Part 2

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